Welcome to Bexhill Peace Pole Project on Galley Hill, Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex, UK


About Peace Poles

A Peace Pole is a visual affirmation of the hope for peace.

A Peace Pole is a hand crafted monument which displays the words "MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH" usually in different languages. It is a non political, non religious simple reminder to ourselves and the community.  Hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet have planted peace poles.  These people, all from different countries, tribes, races and religions all shared a common wish for peace on earth. 

Connect to an international movement

Peace Poles can be found on every continent of the world.  You can write the words MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH on your pole in any language you like.

Make your own peace pole

When you plant a peace pole in your community you are linking with people all over the world. Peace poles can be planted at home in the garden, in schools, in parks or anywhere you can get permission to put one.

Further information

The Peace Pole Project is an official project of the World Peace Prayer Society Headquarters at the World Peace Sanctuary in Wassaic, New York. It is a non-profit, non-sectarian, member supported organization with NGO status at the United Nations.  The sole mission of the WPPS is to unite people across the world with the universal peace message MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH.

For more information on the World Peace Prayer movement go to http://www.peacepoleproject.org/

Bexhill Peace Pole History

Planning for the peace pole, aquiring special insurances and being granted permission by Rother District Council took nearly a year. Planting a pole in your own back garden however can take just a couple of days planning. Get your community involved.

This was a collaboration between local Bexhillians as a community cohesion project for all residents of the community.

The main contributors were  Rother District Council, Collaborative Ventures Ltd., Keep the Peace Therapies

Bexhill Quaker Society, Rustys Reclamation, Mark Hill Carpentry 

Other members of the community have also helped out and supported this project.

Visit the Galley Hill site and take your own photo to add to our website. You might even host your own gathering there or use it simply for self reflection.

Get in touch at Soppeastsussex@gmail.com